Episode 014

Sexy Times

November 11, 2021
In their most vulnerable session yet, Figs and Teale talk about sex and intimacy in their relationship.
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Episode 10


September 2, 2021
Figs and Teale share a session deeply exploring a moment of reactivity outside of their relationship for Figs and the ways anger and shame can subsequently show up in their marriage.
Episode 009

Both Sides Now

August 20, 2021
Figs and Teale reflect on the previous episode's climactic session and the revelations it brought for each of them.
Episode 008

Safe With You

August 5, 2021
Teale becomes emotionally distrustful of Figs, sinking into hurt and numbness past the point where Figs can reach her with empathy alone. Listen as Figs and Teale share a session and discover that accessing pain in both directions was necessary to overcome the biggest chasm between them yet.