The Come Here To Me podcast logo: the outlines of a distressed couple are sitting back-to-back with a silhouette of the couple holding hands at the center.
The Come Here To Me Podcast is brought to you by Figs and Teale O'Sullivan, emotionally-focused psychotherapists for couples who work to foster more secure emotional attachments for those they reach and every day within themselves.

Every other week Figs and Teale share a portion of their personal couples therapy session with their therapist and share their expertise from the perspective of relationship experts and their feelings around this groundbreaking process.

In bonus episodes, Figs and Teale provide in-depth explanations, relationship tips, answer listener questions, and interview couples and other experts in the field.

Come Here To Me is born from the hope that what Figs and Teale share of themselves will help other couples see that, contrary to being a catastrophic problem or a harbinger of relationship doom, relationship struggles are a valuable opportunity to forge even greater connection, greater joy, and deeper meaning within their relationships.
Figs, Teale smile together at the beach as their son and daughter play around them.
What's a Figs? Isn't Teale a color?
We're Figs and Teale, co-hosts of the Come Here To Me Podcast and the founders of Empathi. Apart from our colorful, edible names, we go by husband and wife, "Mom and Dad," and wounded healers.

Working on relationships isn't just a job, it's who we are, which is why we're dedicated to making sure everybody gets the support they need. With this podcast, the Empathi quiz, course, and exercises, we have sought to provide more couples with an evidence-based roadmap to a better relationship than ever before.

Because sometimes it takes a couple comfortable with their fruit-filled, watercolor names to share the scariest, most vulnerable, and most beautiful parts of themselves so that others can find those parts within their own relationships.
About Empathi
Empathi provides personalized relationship guidance for individuals and couples of all backgrounds and types of relationships. Quizzes, reports, coaching, counseling, and more. We provide all levels of service throughout your relationship, from light to in-depth.

Inspired by attachment theory, improvisational dance and theatre, experiential psychotherapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (where 86% of couples show significant improvement and 73% get better and stay better), Empathi walks you step-by-step through how to get out of conflict, make up, and have more fun with the person you love.

We know what makes love work, but there are often so many barriers to getting the wisdom and support needed. We aim to offer real help for the millions of couples in the world who want it.

Empathi helps to create emotional wisdom and transformational experiences that engender connection, empathy, and more snuggling for all.
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