Marisa Goudy in Love

As a couples and relationship therapist, this question is foremost in my mind much of the time. It's a question I've found great value in answering for myself, and it's a pivotal question for each of us to answer in order to understand what is most important to us. Answering it also reveals what frightens us, what worries us, what makes us tick in moments of vulnerability. In this episode of Empathi with Figs, Figs debuts his new series "Who are you in Love," in which he explores his guest's story of love — including feelings, thoughts, magical moments, and tough moments of disconnect. Today he speaks with storyteller and magic-maker, Marisa Goudy, to find out who is Marisa in Love.

In his debut episode of the Who Are You In Love series, Figs interviews Marisa Goudy. Marisa is a writer, magic maker, and storytelling coach living in the Hudson Valley of New York with her husband and kids.

On her experience as a guest on the show, Marisa shared the following:

I woke in the middle of the night with this warm fuzzy feeling and Figs' voice in my head. Then I realized it was because I was in the bliss of having husband on one side and Mairead on the other. Thanks for giving voice to my happy place!

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Who Are You in Love is a recurring interview series in the Empathi with Figs podcast that features real people sharing their own stories of love, conflict, and repair. With humor, compassion and authenticity, Figs and his guests dive deeply together into the struggles and joys of navigating relationship all while highlighting our universal need for love and connection. If you´d like to be interviewed, or have someone you think would be great for the show, please email Figs.


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