How to get your partner to couples counseling

“Be persistent, but skillful.” - Wise and simple words from this week’s episode on broaching the subject of couples counseling with a hesitant or resistant partner. Clients often ask Figs this important question when initially reaching out. With their signature humor, honesty, and insight, Teale and Figs together provide actionable and realistic ways to gently work with reluctant partners.

The three important “sales” tips highlighted:

  • Don’t try and sell your partner on the idea of going through a big process. Just get yes to one session!
  • Don’t buy it back.
  • Find someone your partner will resonate with. Match personalities. It’s important to feel safe in the room.
  • There are many false notions about therapy and reservations about seeking out help in our society.  “Help” can even be a really tough and triggering word for some people. Teale even admits using going to therapy as a “threat.” She goes on to explain that couples in conflict are experiencing an “us problem” not a “you vs me” problem. She empathizes that people might even get scared or feel shameful at the idea of seeing a therapist. This is totally normal.

    Tune in this week hear about the record Figs is most proud of to date!! (Hint: it might involve sweating bullets) and the three things to pay attention to in a fight. And a final caution for listeners: No couples therapy is better than bad couples therapy!


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