You really can have a great relationship. 

You’ve just been getting crappy advice.

5-Star relationship counsellors and couple Figs and Teale O'Sullivan share the truth to building the loving relationship you're hardwired for — the right way.

The Conflict Solution:
Learning to Love Better

Discover the little-known skills that actually improve your relationship and turn conflict into even greater connection in The Conflict Solution: Learning To Love Better

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5-Star relationship counsellors and couple Figs and Teale O'Sullivan share the truth to building the loving relationship you're hardwired for — the right way.
An unhappy Black man and Asian woman sit with their backs to each other within a broken heart with band-aids on it.

When the worst parts of loving someone show up in your relationship — the anger, the blaming, rejection, disappointment, and hopelessness — you’ll try anything.

Perhaps like so many others, you’ve devoured Buzzfeed listicles, Medium relationship columns, self-help books, and an endless amount of sage wisdom from your friends.

You’ve been trying so hard to improve your relationship.

Why are you still hurting?

Most relationship guidance is not only wrong, it's making relationships worse.

On some level, you already know — or fear — that the conventional wisdom is wrong.

You worry that you cannot solve every problem in your life to make sure that you and your partner are never triggered, or that you cannot learn enough communication skills to never get into conflicts.

And you're right. That's not how life, or being a human being, works. Because it’s not about never getting triggered or into conflict. It’s about finding deeper connection in each repair.

Let's look at the reality: there is a clinically-proven methodology that helps couples to feel more connected in their relationships.

With emotionally-focused couples therapy (EFT), 86% of couples show improvement, and 73% get better and stay better.

These methods work not by quieting your difficult feelings or through surface-level problem-solving skills, but by facing the complicated, scary, beautiful truth of your emotions for one another.

The Conflict Solution: 
Learning to Love Better Course

This comprehensive and illuminating course was built by certified relationship expert Figs O'Sullivan and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Teale O'Sullivan based on how couples really work, not how we wish they did. 

Using the principles and methods founded in EFT, you will learn to fundamentally change the way you experience your relationship, challenging your conception of yourself, your partner, and what love is supposed to be.

A happy couple featuring a White man and a Black man pose for a selfie.
What if the reason you suffer in your relationship is actually because you mean so, so much to each other?
Interracial couple walk and have a pleasant conversation.
What if your partner makes sense?
A happy couple smiles for a picture with a toddler.
What if you do, too?
Asian and White moms kiss their baby.
What if you could get to know and understand each other in a way that changes your behavior and opens your hearts to each other in all the ways you long for and deserve?

Figs and Teale will teach you to not only enter into conflicts less frequently and for shorter periods of time, but to leave them feeling more loved and more connected.

But it has to start with you.
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Change your relationship forever, starting now

The Conflict Solution: Learning To Love Better Course

Access hours of invaluable wisdom and personalized insight for just $297 USD

What's Ahead

The Conflict Solution: Learning to Love Better is a 16-chapter online course featuring insightful videos and workbook exercises from 5-star Emotionally Focused Couples Therapists Figs O'Sullivan and Teale O'Sullivan.


How to map, understand, and transcend the painful dance that you engage in together when you have conflict
The hidden motivation beneath ALL your fights
What your attachment style is and why it’s the key to how you act — and react — in love
How to identify your relationship's specific conflict dynamic
How to get out of your stuck moments and get back into connection with a genuine repair that will last
Both your and your partner’s sensitive spots and triggers and how you can both love and soothe each other back to safety and harmony together
How to see and understand how your own reactions are keeping your conflict cycle going
How to identify and transform your relationship struggles into opportunities for even greater closeness

Figs and Teale will teach you to see love and your relationship as they really are, and then, from that foundation, they take you through the exact process you need to start making your love work.

It's hard work, and no one can do it for you. But through this course you'll gain a deeper understanding of your and your partner's emotions and build relationship skills that you'll turn to for the rest of your life.

But don't take our word for it…

“Figs has created an easy way to understand the conflicts that you’re having and begin to do something effective to change conflicts into collaborations.” — Jim

“It’s the most developed, deeply touching philosophy I’ve ever experienced” — Joshua R.

Teale has been nothing short of a miracle for our relationship. She helped my wife and I open up communication about a number of topics that often led to fights and that we had given up on bringing up with each other... and they got resolved!

Profile image of a young man.
Brian R.

Figs helped me heal some core wounds. I am now having a very authentic, healthy relationship with a new man in my life and I'm certain the work I did with Figs helped me achieve this. He is truly gifted and doing exactly what he's been put on this earth to do.

Profile image of a woman.
Michelle g.

Our relationship has blossomed, our home is a safer, more peaceful, supporting and loving environment.   Our most painful relationship issues seem to have evaporated, and the road ahead looks better than ever thanks to Figs!

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What's a Figs? Isn't Teale a color?
A white man and a woman stand next to each other, smiling. They are Figs and Teale, relationship experts and romantic partners.

We're Figs and Teale, the founders of Empathi. Apart from our colorful, edible names, we go by husband and wife, "Mom and Dad," and wounded healers.

Working on relationships isn't just a job, it's who we are, which is why we're dedicated to making sure everybody gets the support they need. With the Empathi quiz, course, and exercises, we have sought to provide more couples with an evidence-based roadmap to a better relationship than ever before.

Because sometimes it takes a couple comfortable with their fruit-filled, watercolor names to see the beautiful, loving relationships that are ready to grow.

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Some of the best parts of your life are inside those moments of connectedness with your partner.

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