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The Repeating Questions Exercise

You deserve the relationship of your dreams.
This straight-forward, easy-to-implement course is designed to cut through the BS and begin healing right at the core of your relationship.



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Do this 30-minute exercise just once a week with your partner and watch your relationship improve.

Learn to...

Break out of negative patterns and stagnation in your relationship
Learn to share not because you're trying to solve something, but because it's true
Build your muscles for listening and for opening up — without letting them get in each other's way
Grow in appreciation of just being with your partner
Become curious about your partner's internal life
Become curious about your own internal life
Touch the shadowy, hurting places within yourself in a safe and healing context
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Reviews for Empathi Courses

Solution focused, optimistic and user friendly!

This course is exceptional whether you want to take it alone or with your partner it provides a different perspective for looking at yourself and your relationship. Figs approach is inviting and a great first step towards working on who we are in relationships. I especially liked the supplemental material including the videos, articles and "juicy journaling" prompts because it was a good balance between lecture and additional resources. Thank you!

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5 yellow stars.
Actionable tool in nurturing relationship!

Thank you FIG! You have provided us not only the philosophy on human relationship, but also an actionable tool for us to nurture it. We're not doing it perfectly, but at least we are more and more aware of whether we are about to dance the "Waltz of Pain", and try to own our problems more. We deeply appreciate your guidance in this journey! Hope we all stay well and connect well. The pandemic will pass!

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5 yellow stars.
Helpful and Engaging course!

This course taught me practical techniques to conflict solution for healthy relationships. During my journey throughout the course, I feel able to tune into my experience, as well as my partner's experience, during moments of conflicts. This gives me insight and understanding of the root of conflicts, so I can resolve them in a healthy and productive manner. THANK YOU FIGS!!

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5 yellow stars.

The Repeating Questions Exercise Course

Waste no more time feeling distant. Begin the healing now for just $97.00 USD.

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