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The Empathi Essential Exercises

Get right to transforming your relationship with this bundle of 3 life-changing relationship exercises straight from Figs O'Sullivan's couples coaching playbook.
Don't wait to begin nurturing the moments of connection that your relationship was built for.


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3 Pathways to Connection

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Puzzle pieces fit together to form a happy couple looking at each other.

The 15 Minute Date

Connect without expectation.
This is time to be with yourself and each other exactly the way you are in the moment. No judgement, no expectations, no goals. Take a vacation from problem solving, and just share the unfolding of your awareness with each other.
Magnifying glass reveals a man kissing a woman on the forehead.

The Repeating Questions Exercise

Be curious about yourselves and one another.
Through this simple applied relationship “research,” you will ask each other the same question over and over to explore and share the deeper parts of yourselves. But be careful—I often refer to this exercise as the most powerful technology I possess.
Two white men in two hearts laugh with each other by the water.

The Appreciation Exercise

Get in touch with what touches you.
Use gratitude as a pathway to intimacy. Learn how your partner sees you at your best, and discover how to connect with yourself and your partner in the deepest and most meaningful ways.

Change the way you experience your relationship.

This is the part that makes all your hard work more than worth it.
I'm ready to grow!

Here Are A Few Of The Success Stories From Being Part Of Our Program

Helped me understand who I am in a relationship

I took the course after breaking off a long-term relationship to try to understand what went wrong.  Figs lays things out really clearly.  I definitely recognized my behavior and my ex's as relentless and reluctant lovers.  And even though I had to guess what was going on from the ex's perspective, working through the course with Figs' relationship as an example gave me a MUCH better understanding of how we got so disconnected.  I feel like I know myself (and strangely, my ex) better now and can move on with some clarity.I was going to give 4 stars just because it is tricky to do the course as a single person, but I think this kind of work is just hard, period.

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5 yellow stars.
A great way to look at couple conflicts!

Figs has created an easy way to understand the conflicts that you're having and begin to do something effective to change conflicts into collaborations. Yes, it takes some understanding of what you and your partner are doing that makes the pain and frustration, but Figs has made that clear step-by-step. He also gives you some tools to relieve the pain and join your partner in a deeper intimacy.

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Marriage saver

Figs' sessions and course were the things that turned the boat around for our marriage, which was pretty close to ending.  My husband and I began going to couples therapy with Figs for a few sessions, then went through the online course, and are now continuing with therapy more well-equipped.  The courses gave us a strong and positive framework for how to think about our conflicts as a system of inputs and outputs rather than any one person's fault.  I really like that the course emphasizes that there's nothing wrong with your partner for being or doing the things that they do, and to stay away from pathologizing the other or trying to base a decision to divorce on the belief that if they can change partners they'll escape such issues.  Figs makes it clear through his sessions and his course that if you don't properly learn to empathize and own your own actions in a relationship, it won't matter if your partner changes, the result will be same conflicts with different partners.  His course is made up of about a dozen chapters which are driven by short videos, all very entertaining, comforting, while able to answer the questions and solve the issues that were at least front of my mind.  I found myself looking forward to going on to the next video after each one, looking forward to doing the exercises, and eager to ask him questions and do follow up research.  Figs provides short homework assignments that are very targeted and interesting while being relevant to the skill building.  He also provides additional links to resources at the end of each short chapter for people who want to learn more.  I would highly recommend the course, and of course, the one on one therapy if you can do that after.

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5 yellow stars.
Evelyn hu

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